Quality Policy for Manutention & Logistique

OEA certification (M&L is in the process of OEA certification)

On top of exclusive custom advantages offered by OEA to certified companies such as controls and formalities reductions, OEA also offers indirect advantages tied up with a qualitative organisation.
Indeed, OEA certification is a Label (quality and security) awarding an international acknowledgement and an important competitive advantage.
The setting up in order to fulfil OEA improves quality and reliability for the company business, moreover reduces anomalies and incidents. This means time-saving and money-saving for all authorized economic players.

Kaizen Performance

Our entailed staff maintains a high level duty based on reactivity, flexibility, and reliability of our services.
We continuously improve our performance “KAIZEN” we deal a factual approach for decision making through KPIs.


All our procedures are issued and regularly audited by our customers but also by their customers.

protection & consideration


precision & decision


high level of service

Human Ressources