Optimizing the organization of your logistic flows

Logistic platform crossdocking in Calais

For the organization of your logistic flows, M&L crossdocking enable to articulate and to cross, on our unique platform, supply flows from our purveyors with the flows of final delivery to your delivery spot.

High level order processing

In this way, operations are reduced to the bare minimum: no useless storage. No operation of “preparation” (Storage and picking possible – to know more about it).

Transit alongside the quay takes place in a very short time lapse . Your parcels pass in transit on the platform quays and thus pass from supplying transport “upstream” ( goods arrival quay) to the final transport “downstream” (goods departure quay).

Thus, the time saved is a considerable advantage for the processing of your orders with high priority (fresh products, press, factual products).

Crossdocking benefits

Money saving

You gain lowering in the costs of the upstream deliveries with a reduction in the costs of the downstream deliveries
No intermediate fee for storage or storing.


The traceability of parcels is made possible simultaneously.
Outsanding Parcels (in place but not sent) are more easily detectable and can be immediately reprocessed.

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